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October 15, 2022

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1/2 Marathon:


1/4 Marathon:


Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is Packet Pick-Up?

Packet pick up will be on Thursday Oct 14 from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday Oct. 15 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the North Idaho State Fairgrounds Building 4056 N. Government Way, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, 83815. There’s tons of parking. Enter off of Government Way, just north of Kathleen Ave. Your packet will include your race bib with timing chip, swag, shirt and finisher medal. Last Chance registration will be available online only Thursday and Friday until 2 p.m. for all distances. No changes or registrations will occur at packet pick up.

I am coming from out of town, is there special hotel accommodation?
The Triple Play Resort Hotel and Suites in Hayden, Idaho will gladly honor the discounted per room, per night price of $89.00 plus tax. This price includes a deluxe hot breakfast each morning. To reserve rooms at the discounted price, racers and families can call 208-772-7900 and ask for a room in the Hayden Lake Marathon Group Block.
What time and where is the Awards Ceremony?

We will not be holding an awards ceremony for 2021.

Is there a prize for the winners of each event?
Trophies will be awarded to the first three finishers in each event, by gender.
Are there prizes by age group?
No ribbons will be awarded for the 2021 season. However, age group winners will still be recognized on our website.
Are there finisher medals?
Marathon, Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon finishers will receive finisher medallions.
I hear the marathon has lots of hills. What about the 1/2-marathon and 1/4-Marathon?
Each distance of the Hayden Lake Marathon (full, 1/2, and 1/4) is challenging. Runners will encounter hills on each of the courses, but they all start and end at the same elevation
What are the best shoes for the course? Is this race on paved roads or rugged terrain?
Any running shoes suitable for running on pavement will work fine. The entire course is on smooth paved roads. Hilly, yes. Rugged, no.
Are there any age restrictions?
What are the distances of each event?
Full marathon is 26.2 miles; 1/2-marathon is 13.1 miles; 1/4-Marathon is 6.5 miles.
What are the start times for each event?

Start times must be signed up for on the registration page!

The Marathon begins 7:00 to 7:40 AM
1/2-Marathon begins 7:45 to 9:10 AM
1/4-Marathon begins 9:15 to 10:40 AM

If I am unable to pick up my packet before the race may someone pick it up for me?
Yes, but the person must bring a copy of the participant’s photo ID and a note signed by the individual authorizing the pick up
Am I allowed to use my MP3 player during the race?
Yes, you are permitted to use MP3 players during the race. For the safety of everyone on the course, we ask that runners keep their music low or consider using just one earpiece.
Are Wheelchair/Hand Cycles and Walkers permitted?
Yes, Walkers, Wheelchairs and Hand Cycles are allowed in the Marathon, 1/2-Marathon and 1/4-Marathon, but please understand that time cut-offs apply to all racers, and that each course has steep hills, both up and down, and that the course is narrow. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the course is not ideal for wheelchairs or hand cycles, and conditions may be icy if we experience a cold snap with dew or precipitation leading up to the start of the race.

For safety reasons it would be best for wheelchair athletes to do the full marathon course on even numbered years, and the half-marathon and 10k courses on odd years. This will allow downhill sections to be navigated with the flow of vehicular traffic in most sections of the course.

What are the time limits to complete Marathon and Half Marathon?
The course limits are as follows:
Marathon: 6.5 hours
Half Marathon: 3.25 hours
Why are there time limits for the marathon and half marathon?
City and Road Use Permits require events to conclude as soon as reasonably possible, and to restore regular traffic flow.
What is available at the Finish Line?
We are using safety precautions and will not be serving food or beverages from the athlete tent. However, to supplement, participants will receive a boxed lunch and bottled water.
Will porta-potties be available on the course?
Porta-potties will be available nearly every other aid station as well as at the Start/Finish area.
Will Gear Check be available?
Yes. Gear check areas will be located at the Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, and 1/4 Marathon starts. Participants will place their gear in their goody bag supplied to them at time of packet pick-up and identified with their bib #. Since each race course starts and ends at Honeysuckle Beach, packets will remain in the same area from the start to the finish of the race.
Are roller-skates, inline-skates, skateboards, bikes or carriages of any kind allowed the Marathon?
No, if you are caught on the Race course with any of these, you will be directed off of the route. However, the roads on which each course runs is open to vehicular traffic, which means that the “general public” may choose to use a bicycle in lieu of a motorized vehicle in order to travel around the lake. Bicycles must be able to travel at speeds safe for integration with motorized vehicles (15 mph speeds). Bicycles shall pull off the side of the roadway in the event that a motorized vehicle approaches from the rear on a section (uphill perhaps) where maintaining speeds up to 15 mph is not possible. Skates and
skateboards shall not be considered as vehicles, and are therefore not safe on roadways, and shall be directed off both the race course and the surrounding roadways. Spectators fall into the category of “the general public.”
What is the weather like that time of year?
Weather is generally clear in mid-October in Hayden, but prepare for the possibility of cold temperatures. Gloves and a warming jacket may allow you to stay warm prior to the start of the race. If you choose to race with layers that are shed along the route, it is possible to get these items back if your name and
phone number are clearly marked on the garment, but there are no guarantees.
Can I get a refund?
No. Race shirts, medals, aid station food, etc. are all ordered based on registrations. Nor can we defer to next years event. If you would like to transfer your paid registration to another individual or change your race category, participants must do so before 10/04/20. Your race confirmation email will have the link to make changes to your race entry.
Is there any post-race medical attention?
There will be Medical Support at the Start, Finish, and along the course at Aid Stations. The Medical Tent is located at the Finish line.
How many aid stations and what type of fluid replacements are offered?
Aid Stations for the marathon will begin at mile 3, and be spaced every 2 miles thereafter (distances between Aid Stations may deviate slightly due to road shoulder width along the course). The last on-course Aid Station will be at mile 25. A post-race Aid Station will be available after the finish line. The 1/2-marathon course will have Aid Stations every 2 miles.

The 1/4-Marathon course will have an aid station at the “3-miles to go” mark. Water and sports drink will be provided at each aid station. Water will be provided at the starting line. First aid will be located at all Aid Stations on each course, and at the Finish Line.


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